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Deploy a user friendly website with a seamless & free online barbershop booking system .

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The Hapvider Promise

Our industry-leading branding firm takes your barbershop business to new heights. We provide a user-friendly, engaging web design to capture customers while optimizing Amelia’s efficient booking system to get your barbershop buzzing.

Employee Panel

Your barbers can access a front-end Employee Panel to manage and organize their upcoming appointments and events.

Customer Panel

With Hapvider x Amelia, interactivity and efficiency is the goal. Customers can access, reschedule, and cancel their appointments through a dynamic front-end portal.

Text Reminders

Say goodbye to no-shows with Hapvider x Amelia. With our system, customers will receive SMS notifications reminding them of their upcoming appointment. 

No subscription. Yours forever.

Why Barbershops
Love Us

From the time your customer lands on your website to the time they finish up at the shop, they’ll be met with exceptional service, user accessibility, and professionalism.

Interactive Web Design
Easy Booking
No Subscription
One Simple Portal
A+ User Experience

No subscription. Yours forever.

How It Works

Hapvider works with your business to understand your aesthetics, tone, and brand. Through that, we design a one-of-a-kind website that entices customers and encourages them to book through an easy-use booking software.

No subscription. Yours forever.

Connect with a Hapvider Advisor

Our branding experts will connect with you to begin the process of setting up your website.

Complete a brief introduction

Hapvider’s team works diligently to understand, comprehend, and create a website that speaks to your branding. We then integrate and configure the Amelia booking system for a one-stop shop.

Go live for your customers

Provide a premium web experience for your valued customers. Once the design, integration, and launch are complete, it’s time to start booking those appointments.

No subscription. Yours forever.

What People Say

Meet Roger Martinez, the founder of Thee Traditional Barbershop.

Roger Martinez
Roger Martinez
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Nathan Amaro is there best. He is Always ready to help you and his work speaks for itself. I would recommend him To anyone trying to get an amazing website that works and functions very well. I love the website he made for me and all my clients love it as well. please consider him for your web designer and marketing needs.

No subscription. Yours forever.

The Hapvider Difference

We know you’re busy running your business, which is why we’ve developed a full-service web system to enhance your customer experience.


  • Subscription required
  • No web design included


  • No subscription required
  • Cost-effective
  • Available on any device


  • Subscription required
  • No web design included

No subscription. Yours forever.

Why Choose Hapvider?

Hapvider understands, values, and addresses your needs with a best-in-class web design and booking software that enhances your barbershop business and lands you clients. Access the booking app on any device for maximum accessibility.

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Contact us today for your premium web design integrated with free, no-subscription appointment software.

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