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Partnering with Hapvider gets you:

  1. A team of innovated professionals.
  2. Positive ROI Google Ads management.
  3. Low CPC, High Conversions., Top Auction Insights.

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What's Included?

  • 01

    Research & Setup

    - Ad Creation
    - Competitor Research
    - Full Custom Setup of Campaigns
    - Industry Research
    - Keyword Research
    - PPC Strategy Development
    - Website & Landing Page Audit

  • 02
    Optimization Management

    - Ad A/B Testing and Optimization
    - Ad Schedule Optimization
    - Bid Management and Optimization
    - Conversion Rate and CPA Optimization
    - Device Targeting
    - Keyword Optimization
    - Location Targeting
    - Negative Keywords
    - ROAS Optimization

  • 03
    Analytics & Reporting

    - Conversion Tracking and Analytics Setup
    - Dedicated U.S. Based Account Manager
    - Monthly Reporting
    - PPC Call Tracking

See why Hapvider is a Trusted partner

Moore Plumbing and Drains
Moore Plumbing and Drains
Jordan Moore, CEO
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As a business, when we started Google ads, it was great, but all too quickly it became too much to manage. Google gives you so much data that it becomes impossible to maintain if you are not a professional. We started losing the leads we wanted! We couldn’t stay on top of it! We got a referral from another leader in our industry to get in touch with Hapvider. Hapvider plugged all the holes, and we stopped hemorrhaging money. With superior knowledge and amazing techniques, their team was able to get us a 400% return on our initial investment. I would recommend them to anybody serious about growing their business. I wish we found them sooner!

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Common Google Ad Questions

Is a Google Ads minimum budget required?
Yes. Your minimum budget should be no less then $1,000 per month.
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Is there a cancellation fee?
No. Our contracts are free from cancellation fees.
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What is the setup fee cost?
Hapvider does not charge our valued clients with a setup fee.
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How long are your contracts?
Our contracts are on a month-to-month basis.
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