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Let’s introduce you to Google Ads, Google’s online advertising program, and determine whether it’s a suitable fit for you.

How Google Ads functions

Your ad may display when a customer searches for terms connected to the plumbing service you’re advertising, or when they visit a website with relevant information. How exactly does this work?

Customers are linked to you by keywords

When we set up your Google Ads campaign, we select a list of keywords. These are the search phrases that we believe your potential customers would use when looking for plumbing services like yours.

By matching your keywords to the advertisements we generate, we enable the ability for your ad to appear when a customer searches for comparable terms or visits a website with relevant information.

For instance, if you install water heaters, we might use “water heater installation” as a keyword in conjunction with an ad that promotes “water heater installation”. When someone searches Google using the phrase “water heater installation” or a similar phrase, your advertisement may display alongside Google search results or on other websites connected to water heater installations.

Enter the ad auction

What criteria does Google Ads use to decide which advertisements of yours to show? A quick ad auction occurs each time a customer uses Google to do a search or visits a website that displays ads.

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Google Ads assigns a score, known as Ad Rank, to each ad in the auction. Ad Rank influences your ad’s rank and if it’s eligible to appear at all. Typically, the advertisement with the highest Ad Rank appears in the top position, and the advertisement with the second-highest Ad Rank appears in the second position (when ads meet the relevant thresholds). Ad Rank may be viewed in five factors, according to Google:

  1. Your bid – When we set your bid, we tell Google Ads the most that we are willing to pay for a click on your ad. This is the maximum amount that we are willing to spend. The amount that you end up paying is typically a lower total, and we are able to make adjustments to your bid at any moment.
  2. Your advertisements and landing page’s quality – The quality of your ad and the content of the page it leads to are also taken into account by Google Ads. Your Quality Score is a summary of how Google rates the quality of your ad, and it can be viewed and improved upon from within your Google Ads account.
  3. Ad rank threshold – In order to maintain a consistent level of quality, Google has implemented strict requirements for all advertisements to meet in order for your ad to show.
  4. Search Context – In the advertising bidding process, background information (context) is essential. Ad Rank is determined by a number of factors, including but not limited to the customer’s search query, the customer’s location at the time of search, the customer’s device type (desktop, laptop, or mobile phone), the number of other ads and search results already displayed on the page, and other customer signals and data.
  5. What you hope your ad extensions and other ad formats will do – Ads may be customized in a variety of ways, allowing you to include a phone number or other connections to various pages on your site. Ad extensions are what you’d call them. Google Ads provides you with an estimate of how the usage of extensions and other ad types will affect the performance of your ad.

In the end, the price you pay depends on

Using cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you only pay when a customer actually clicks on your ad to visit your website. When using Google Ads, we may choose a maximum CPC bid, or the most amount we’re ready to spend per click.

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When using Google Ads, you may set your own spending limit. We may calculate your daily spending limit based on your monthly spending plan. Google Ads will increase your daily budget by up to twice the amount on days when your ad is more popular, ensuring that you don’t lose out on potential clicks. However, don’t worry; your monthly total won’t exceed your daily budget multiplied by the typical number of days in a month (30.4).

It is possible for you to observe disparities between your average daily spending and your total charges when it comes to campaigns that are paused in the middle of the month or that otherwise do not run for the entirety of the given month.

In campaigns in which you pay just for successful conversions, your daily expenditure might end up being more than twice as much as your typical daily budget.

You should now be familiar with how Google Ads operate. Let’s check to see whether it’s going to work out well for you now.

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Should you put more time and effort into paid or free online advertisements?

Investing in Google Ads is like making a bet on the success of your business. It is essential to monitor your Google Ads account and make adjustments to your plan until you get your desired results.

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