Is your website ready to deliver results?

Is your website ready to deliver results?

August 19, 2022

Is your website ready to deliver results?

August 19, 2022

Nathan Amaro

Client Manager, Google Advertising Strategist at

You may employ online marketing to attract visitors to your website, but is your website geared to generate business? Let’s find out.

Launch the website you’ll be advertising in a different browser window. Then, use this checklist to see if it meets the requirements.

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Does your website have a concise, captivating headline?2022-08-19T23:27:32-07:00

It is crucial to have a distinguishing title on your website so that visitors can instantly determine that they are in the correct location. This will encourage them to spend more time on your site and ultimately do a useful action for you.

Is your site quick enough for mobile devices?2022-08-22T16:18:37-07:00

For your website to convert visitors into customers, it must load quickly on mobile devices, including smartphones and computers. Find out how your site performs in terms of mobile speed, and get fast suggestions for improvement:

Does your website highlight the benefits that customers will receive if they purchase or request your plumbing services?2022-08-22T16:49:36-07:00

When customers visit your website, you want them to immediately understand why they should stay. Ensure that your advantages are readable and simple to understand; bullet points are an excellent approach to achieve this.

Is there media like videos or photos on your website?2022-08-19T23:37:11-07:00

In order to attract and retain customers, it’s important to use engaging material such as photographs, video, or graphics. And don’t go crazy with it. If you have too much media on your site, loading times will increase. You don’t want visitors to your site to leave before reading the most key material.

Does your website have an obvious place for visitors to take action?2022-08-19T23:40:05-07:00

A call-to-action is a prompt that instructs the visitor on how to complete the desired activity on your website. A “Request a Quote” button that directs the customer to a form page is one such example, as is a “Call now” statement placed prominently next to a phone number.

Visitors to your site are more likely to convert into customers when it is crystal clear what action you want them to do while they are there.

Is it simple to find a way to get in touch with you on your website?2022-08-19T23:47:29-07:00

Providing a number or email address for people to contact you at is a terrific method to establish credibility and openness with possible clients.

To further instill trust in your company among customers, consider these additional steps:

    • Put up some third-party endorsements or customer reviews to back up your claims.
    • Inform the public about your company and what it does in a straightforward way.
    • Explain to customers why you need their personal details and how you intend to use them.
    • Ads and sponsored links should be clearly distinguished from the rest of your site’s content if you want to include them.
If someone visits your website, what should they see first? What would a new visitor to your site do first?2022-08-22T16:44:58-07:00

If you want to turn visitors into paying customers, you need a customer-friendly website.

Additional suggestions for developing a successful website are provided below.

  • Make it simple for site visitors to discover the information they’re looking for by placing it towards the top of each page. If you want them to read it, it has to be front and center when they land on the page.
  • Do not limit yourself to the notion of a desktop computer; smaller screens are becoming increasingly important. Your customers are always on the go, using a variety of smartphones, tablets, and other digital gadgets. It might be frustrating for customers to navigate a website when the screen size is too tiny. One of the greatest ways to ensure that all visitors, regardless of the device they’re using, are able to easily navigate your site and find what they’re searching for is to build a responsive website.
  • Create an easy-to-use interface – Ensure your site is uncluttered and easy to navigate by:
    • Simplifying the amount of menu options
    • It’s important that your site’s navigation not be hampered by annoying pop-ups or other elements.
    • Ensuring a fast page load time prevents visitors from clicking “back” before they’ve even seen your site.
  • Offer quick access to any supplementary materials on the advertised plumbing service that a buyer might be interested in reading. An obvious “Find out more” button is one such example.
Beyond your website, does your company have a social media presence and/or a free Business Profile listing?2022-08-22T16:54:21-07:00

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In today’s competitive digital world, a website isn’t enough to establish an impression. Bringing more attention to your business outside the scope of a website might lead to additional leads.

If you haven’t done so already, create a free Business Profile listing. Having your information up-to-date in Google Search and Google Maps will ensure that customers can find you and get in touch with you at any time, from any device.

Additionally, your business should take advantage of the numerous free social networking sites and services that allow you to create a profile or listing for it.

So how did you measure up? A website has to be reevaluated if the answer to any of these questions is “no.” You’ll get more out of your Google Ads budget and be able to offer your plumbing service to your customers as a result.

Expertise in website optimization may increase customers and sales. You may also consult with a Google Ads Strategist at to learn more about optimizing your website for Google’s advertising platform.

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