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Hapvider’s small business website designs are customer-focused and designed on WordPress websites.

Small business website optimization

WordPress Process


We listen to you to learn about your business. The feedback we are chasing about your small business is knowing and understanding your website and customer goals.


Our website designs are not simply designs. Our designs are unique pieces of art. We align your small business brand with your website design while fine-tuning our focus on building a great user experience for your customers to navigate easily.


We immediately act upon the understood feedback in the planning process by researching and analyzing the material pertaining specifically to your small business's website and customer goals.

SEO Copywriting

Our industry-leading SEO knowledge and copywriting experts are phenomenal in setting the tone by delivering the correct narrative to your customers. Hapvider captures your message and delivers it in a way that it cannot be found elsewhere.

When it comes to designing, redesigning, or optimizing your small business website, Hapvider is...

Innovative Thinkers

Hapvier's strategic website operations give your small business website a healthy heartbeat.

Customer Focused

Hapvider's billing is simple, and their delivered branded websites are extraordinary.

Impress your customers.

Don’t let our words convenience you alone. See for yourself the quality and attention to detail Hapvider provides to their small business clients who need a top-notch branded website.

Moore Plumbing & Drains

Northern county San Diego’s top plumbing company has earned a strong reputation by delivering awesome plumbing solutions to homeowners and business owners.

Thee Traditional Barbershop

With a strong reputation, Thee Traditional Barbershop provides sharp and clean-cut haircuts, beard mainentance, and shaving to their new and returning customers in Murrieta, CA.

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