What’s Online Marketing with Google?

What’s Online Marketing with Google?

August 19, 2022

What’s Online Marketing with Google?

August 19, 2022

Nathan Amaro

Client Manager, Google Advertising Strategist at Hapvider.com.

Before diving into the deep end of online marketing, be sure you have a good handle on the basics.

Paid advertising vs. “organic” search results

Let’s say you’re a plumber advertising your services on Google Ads, Google’s online advertising network. If a customer types in a keyword related to your business, such “plumber near me” or “water heater installation,” Google may choose to include your Ads either at the top or bottom of the search results page. Several considerations, such as your bid, the ad’s relevance and helpfulness to the customer’s search, and other comparable characteristics, will determine where your ad appears.

The “organic” (i.e., unpaid) results of a search are also presented. These are the unpaid results, or links to other websites that include information relevant to the customer’s search. If a link is towards the top of the results, it must be an excellent match for the keywords you typed in. Your linked website could be featured here, but your ad won’t.

When compared to traditional types of advertising including Newspapers, radio, and television commercials, as well as outdoor billboards, online marketing has several beneficial characteristics.

From the options below, pick the one that most accurately depicts an actual benefit of online advertising. Your correct response will shed light on further benefits that using Google Ads might bring to your business.

Advantages of online advertisement

Online advertising can increase your website’s position in organic (non-paid) search results.2022-08-19T17:34:07-07:00

The placement of a website in organic search results is unaffected by online advertising. Organic search results are decided by a website’s relevance to the search query. The higher a link might appear in the list, among other things, the more relevant the site is to the search query.

Try again to identify the primary advantage of online advertising.

A minimum advertising budget is required for online advertising.2022-08-19T17:34:41-07:00

Good guess, however this statement is incorrect. We recommend that new plumbing companies begin with a daily budget of $35 to $170+ so that their online Google advertisements have a greater chance of being seen by potential consumers in need of your services.

You’re in control. Determine your budget for Google Ads and Hapvider.com depending on your spending preferences. This makes online advertising effective for companies with limited advertising budgets.

Try again and identify the most important benefit of internet advertising.

Online advertising allows you to tailor your advertisements to specific types of customers and exclude others.2022-08-19T17:35:48-07:00

That’s correct! When you advertise online with Google Ads, you can use a variety of targeting tactics to reach potential customers who are actively seeking your plumbing services. This can help ensure that your advertising funds are only spent on those who are most likely to become customers.

Attaining the proper audience

When we advertise alongside search results on the Google Search Network, we choose keywords to assist tailor your advertising to individuals who are searching for phrases that are similar to yours. In addition, we may opt to display your advertisements at specific times of day, as well as pick a location or multiple locations.

When we advertise on websites that display Google advertisements (known as the Google Display Network), we may be even more particular by selecting the target audience’s age, the sorts of websites they view, and their interests.

Here are some more benefits of online advertising using Google Ads:

Manage your budget

You determine how much you wish to spend and only pay when an individual clicks on your ad.

Budget control

Learn what works

Track the efficacy of your advertisement and make simple adjustments to boost results.

Image of advertiser determining what works

Reach more individuals in more locales.

Connect with customers regardless of their location, on their PCs, tablets, mobile devices, and even within applications!

You may pay to have your advertisement appear at the top of natural search results.2022-08-22T16:49:51-07:00

Unfortunately, this is untrue. Ads on Google will only appear at the top or bottom of organic search results and will be labeled as advertisements. Advertisements will never display inside the actual organic search results.

The amount you are ready to pay for your ad may affect where it displays in respect to other advertisements when a customer searches for a certain phrase. However, your money will have no effect on the organic search results generated for that individual’s query.

Try again to identify the primary advantage of internet advertising.

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