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About Hapvider

Hapvider is a strategic branding firm offering professional small business branding solutions, lead generation, website designs, and website performance optimizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

By completing our contact form.

We are happy to hear the details about your project and how we can assist your small business.

Give us a call at +1 (707) 892-0847 or emails us at info@hapvider.com.

Why are website performance scores important for my small business website?

Below average, average, slightly above average website performance metric scores are not okay. They are bad.

Google, and other big brand search engines value high website performance scores.

Check the performance of your website by clicking here.

How to apply for a free Google Ads audit?

Have a minimum Google Ads monthly budget of $1,000.

Note: Hapvider's free audit consist of auditing one campaign only.

Click here to request a free Google Ads audit.

Learn more about PPC Google Ads by clicking here.

Explain why Hapvider should manage my company's Google Ads?

Hapvier's certified Google Ads Management service saves their clients the headache of researching, setting up, managing, and daily optimizing their own Google Ads account.

Small businesses get to continue their day-to-day operations knowing their Google Ad investment is in good, trusted hands.

Learn more about PPC Google Ads by clicking here.

What are the qualities to check for when searching for the right website branding partner?

Qualities to check for are websites that present structure and clarity, give off strong performance metrics, and above all else, delivers grade-A user experience across all devices.

Hapvider's experienced mixed team of experts work together on every client website project to ensure each project is completed with quality and precision.

Learn more about Hapvider's superior small business website services by clicking here.

What is a brand development identity guide?

A brand identity development guide is a guide that provides the official structure of a company's branding infrastructure. Includes but not limited to, logo development and design, branding colors, chosen typographies (font), and more!

This guide is for business owners who are seeking to build or strengthen their company's identity in the marketplace.

Learn more about Hapvider's Brand Identity Development Guide by clicking here.

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