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Welcome to Hapvider!

We're the perfect branding firm for small businesses looking to build their brand.

Our services are designed to build your small business identity, produce positive ROI results, and vividly deliver your small business message to your customers.

Small Business Branding Solutions

Logo Design, Brand Identity Development, Custom Designs, SEO and Ad Copywriting, Email Templates, Product Packaging and Label Designs.

Digital Marketing: PPC Google Ads Management

Competitor and Keyword Analysis, Bid Management, Conversion Tracking, Monthly Reporting, Dedicated US Account Manager

Website Design & Speed Enhancements

WordPress Small Business Branded Websites: Appointments, eCommerce, Blogs, Landing Pages, Website Speed Optimization.

About Hapvider

Hapvider is a strategic branding firm offering professional small business branding solutions, digital marketing, website designs, and website speed optimizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

By completing our contact form.

We are happy to hear the details about your project and how we can assist your small business.

Give us a call at +1 (707) 892-0847 or emails us at

Why is Website Speed Optimization important?

Google and other big-brand searches engines favor optimized websites.

Slow loading and low-performing websites provide only annoyance to your customers, which is why your customers may immediately leave your website and most likely never return due to their first experience with encountering your small business website (they might also share their negative experience in a permanent review for others to see which presents itself as a potential threat to your brand).

FREE: Test your website's speed and performance by click here.

How can I get a free Google Ads audit?

To receive a free small business Google Ads audit, your business must be spending at least $1,000 per month on your Google Ads campaigns.

Note: Hapvider's free audit consist of auditing one campaign only.

Receive your free audit by completing Hapvider's form. To get to the form, click here.

How can Hapvider's Google Ads Management service help my small business?

Hapvier's certified Google Ads Management service saves their clients the headache of setting up, managing, and daily optimizing their own Google Ads. Small businesses get to continue their day-to-day operations knowing their Google Ad investment is in good, trusted hands.

Start getting positive ROI results by clicking here.

Why does my business need a website?

Websites, if designed correctly, presents structure, clarity, and above all else, grade-A user experience on the Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile Device..

Hapvider offers awesome websites that educate and smoothly navigates your customers around your website to get them to take action.

Learn more about Hapvider's superior small business website services by clicking here.

What is a Brand Identity Development Guide?

Every small business 'brand' must have guidelines.

Hapvider strategizes with small businesses to form their unique logo, colors, typography, business cards, envelopes, work gear, marketing collateral...and more!

Learn more about Hapvider's Brand Identity Development Guide by clicking here.


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